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Anyone who has attempted a DIY job (or knows of someone who has attempted a DIY job) with disastrous consequences will appreciate the value of engaging a professional and getting the details right at the outset.

Example 1:

Poor product selection is the most common mistake for those attempting a project on their own.  For example, we had a client who was set on combining Merbau (reddish) timber flooring with their Scandinavian style furniture (characterised by blonde timber).  We advised them to go for a lighter timber with variations that included blonde tones to avoid a total clash of colour and style. They weren't convinced.  We then illustrated our concerns by presenting them with visuals of how their furnishings would look against red timber tones versus a timber with lighter, blonde timber tones.  They quickly realised their initial idea would not work and as a result, we spared them the expense and disappointment of poor product selection.  That in itself has got to be worth a lot!

Often people won't know the best way to allocate their budget to achieve the best possible result. Inexperienced DIYers may think nothing of spending up on a statement feature lamp only to compromise on the quality of a lounge or set of dining chairs that will be subject to every day use.  We know what works together, where to shop, how to shop and ultimately empower our clients to make educated and confident buying decisions to suit their budget.  

While people often think that designers are all about 'spending up' their hard earned money, our committment is to deliver the best possible design in accordance with your requirements.  We often find more cost effective ways to achieve the look and feel a client is after without compromising the end result. This makes our clients happy and enables us to see through our complete vision for the project with minimal (if any sacrifices along the way).  A satisfying outcome for both client and designer. 

Example 2

We were engaged to work with a couple who were renovating their own home.  They had the skill to do majority of the trade work themselves and had already made a number of product, finish, material selections before engaging us.  They had spent a huge amount of time sourcing and researching vanity units for their bathrooms and had conceded that they would need to spend upwards of $2500 on each vanity unit.  This was a considerable chunk of their budget. We were able to point them to more cost effective options that would achieve a similar look.  The result?  They were able to make their money go a whole lot further - in fact, nearly complete their bathrooms for the cost of the vanities they were originally looking at.  How's that for value engineering?!

Another key value is that we are able to take carriage of every single aspect of products purchased - from sourcing and ordering right through to installation.  This is ideal for clients who are time poor or simply don't want the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers, freight companies, deliveries turning up with little notice, addressing any faults/flaws with the products etc. While this is OK for one-off purchases, imagine having to manage this across a whole house full of fixtures, furnishings, decor pieces, window treatments, lighting requirements and so forth. It's hugely time consuming and can detract from the joy of creating your dream home or room.

The examples we have provided are just some of many where we have demonstrated clear value to our clients.  But don't just take our word for it.  You will find other examples throughout our testimonials.  

Last updated on June 14, 2014 by Monique Meijer