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We discuss purchasing at length at the outset as the way you wish to purchase will affect product selections and where we source from.  For instance, if you are after interest-free finance then we are limited to sourcing via retailers. If you are after something beyond your retail options and prepared to pay upfront for your orders, then this opens up a world of exciting options.  We work with a huge range of wholesalers, importers and manufacturers who can only be accessed by the trade. 

Some clients prefer to manage their own purchasing based on our recommendations and specifications while others prefer us to take carriage of their purchasing.  While either way is fine, the benefit of the latter approach is that we look after every aspect of your purchases from confirming orders through to delivery, quality control, installation and after sales service.  We have had many clients attempt to do their own purchasing, realise how much work is involved and end up handing it over to us to save time and headaches.  

A flat purchase management fee is applied to the total cost of any purchase we make on your behalf.  For example, if we purchase through our wholesalers or manufacturers, we will pass on our trade pricing plus our purchase management fee and freight costs - in many cases the total cost inclusive of our purchase management fee represents a considerable saving to our clients.


Last updated on June 14, 2014 by Monique Meijer