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Determining a budget for your project is absolutely critical to achieving the best possible result.  In fact, we won't proceed work until a clear budget is established as it affects our product selections.

We work closely with our clients to determine a budget based on their requirements, the features they want to incorporate, the sort of quality they are after, how quickly they want their project completed and so forth.  

A good way of preparing for the all important budget discussion, is to take the time to visit furnishing showrooms in a low, medium, and high price bracket before meeting your designer.  Check out the difference in the style and quality of the furnishings and give some thought to where you would like to invest more for the quality and life-span of the product (eg upholstered furnishings) and where you would like to keep the cost down (decor and occasional furnishings such as side tables).   This will help the process enormously.

It is important to stick to your budget once it's determined as a reduction or increase in budget will often mean reworking concepts and selections accordingly.  While we appreciate that financial circumstances can change throughout the course of a project, any change to budget or scope of works will impact on our design time and in turn, our design fee in the instance we have to rework your project to accommodate the revised budget.  It can also impact on the completion date of your project.

Once a project budget is agreed, a Letter of Agreement is prepared for client sign-off.  This details the project brief, budget, and schedule as well as our process to ensure both parties are clear on expectations.  

Last updated on June 14, 2014 by Monique Meijer