If DIY decorating is more your thing or you are only working with a small area, a consultation may be all that you need to get your project humming along.

We can act as your sounding board or provide inspiration on:

- Layout

- Colour schemes

- Furnishing, decor and material selections

 - Window treatments

- Fixtures and finishes

- Lighting

In fact, we can provide advice on just about every element of your design vision before you commit time and hard earned money to your project.

We have saved clients from installing flooring that won't work with their existing furnishings, pointed clients to more cost effective solutions without sacrificing style and quality, and helped clients integrate their existing furnishings with new pieces rather than start from scratch.

We often encounter couples who have completely different taste/style to eachother - he wants a bulky chesterfield lounge and a hulking TV and she wants a light and airy space where the TV doesn't dominate. In this situation, we become 'style mediators' to find a happy compromise that won't look disjointed.

These are just a few examples of how an investment in a consultation can save you time, money and headaches.  

Consultations: $150p/h (minimum of 2 hours) 

To find out more, contact Monique on M: 0437 337 322